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NewsGood News: Most all 60 Video Sermons are ready to go. We Thank Pastor Joseph Prince for giving his Blessings to unlock these Video files.
attention: We are currently in the process of changing the Format of these Videos,  and removing the Special Offers from the beginning and ending of the sermons. These Sermons in there new format will be Commercial Free.
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1. Boast Of The Lords Love For You, Not Your Love For Him
2. Jesus' Gift of Righteousness Has Made You An Heir
3. Becoming Unshakeable in Times of Shaking  part 1
4. Becoming Unshakeable in Times of Shaking  part 2
5. How to Love Life and See Good Days
6. Uncovering Your True Identity In Christ
7. How to Prosper During Times of Famine
8. As His Thoughts Are, So Are Yours
9. The Beauty of Christ in the High Priest's Ephod
10. The High Priest's Linen Garments
11. Jesus' Perfect Work In The Blue Robe Of The High Priest
12. Resting on Christ's Power And His Love
13. Put The "Amazing" Back Into Grace  Part 1
14. Put The "Amazing" Back Into Grace  Part 2
15. Your Inheritance - All Things Work Together For Good
16. Prison Break - Freed From Sin Unto Righteousness
17. The Romance of Grace - Alive in Christ, Dead to the Law
18. The Ways Of Grace
19. Receive Binah Wisdom For Good Success
20. Wisdom in Having a Hearing Heart
21. Without Jesus, You Can Do NOTHING!
22. Why Good People Suffer - Answers From Job’s Story
23. Embrace The Spirit of Grace-Freedom From Sin Consciousness
24. The Secret To Being Crowned With Glory and Honor
25. REST! God Is Working Behind The Scenes
26. Peace Keeps What Grace Gives
27. The Health-Giving Power Of A Relaxed Heart
28. The Food That Delights Both God And Man
29. The Peace Offering
30. It's Time To Let Go!
31. Meditation On God's Word - The Key To True Prosperity
32. The Cross, Your Redemption From Shame & Reproach
33. Meditate on God's Word & Receive Grace Upon Grace
34. Accepted In The Beloved, Empowered To Succeed
35. When You Touch Jesus, You Touch Your Destiny
36. Jesus' Resurrection - Heaven's Receipt For Your Peace And Joy
37. The Law Demands, Grace Supplies
38. What About Apostle Pauls Sufferings
39. Rejoice Daily Knowing Your Sins Are Forgiven!
40. The Key To Holiness
41. The Maternal Side of Our Gracious Father
42. From Need To Fullness
43. Grace Supplies, Love Gives, Faith Takes
44. Grace, The Victory Over Sin, Guilt And Condemnation
45. Jesus, Our True Manna In The Christmas Story
46. Speak God's Language of Faith
47. Jesus, A Brother Like No Other
48. Jesus  Heart For You Revealed In Joseph's Story
49. The Truth About Ananias And Sapphira
50. The Key to Soul Prosperity
51. The Secret Of Hearing That Brings Blessings
52. Why God Blesses And Then Blesses Again
53. Be Like Righteous Abraham, Not Righteous Lot
54. Rest Is Holy Spirit-Directed Activity
55. Firstborn Blessing, Receive God's Best
56. God Has Crowned You With Glory And Honor
57. Make Grace The Principal Thing
58. Once by Blood, Again And Again by Water
59. God's Glory Unveiled In The Last Days
60. Jesus Blood Cries Forgiveness And Peace!
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